Thursday, July 16, 2009

Orange Country again

Its no secret that I cant stand summers here in the desert, so we left again. First we went to Huntington Beach, that is after finally finding parking. Steveo loved the ocean. He was in the water for 2 hours straight, jumping over waves, diving through them, floating on his back, until he decided he was done. Nick had enough after 5 minutes and just layed on the beach with me the rest of the time. When Tom got off work we went out to dinner, and I noticed, for as much as the boys fight, Nick still keeps an eye on Steveo when we go out. He held his hand whenever we crossed a street, and then slapped his sunburned back when we got into the car. Later that night we caught the fireworks from Disneyland from our hotel room. I didnt realize how close Garden Grove was to Buena Park. Again, they were laying next to each other during the fireworks, hitting each other when it was over. After midnight and watching 2 hours of UFC, we all fell asleep.