Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Yes, I dont mean to brag, but this IS the 2nd time he has received Scholar of the month. Tom and I went to the ceremony, very proud, and very excited for him. We let him pick out a restraunt for dinner. He chose Souplantation.

And Nick, Im very proud of him, he was a supportive big bro, and has been working his butt off to bring up his grades.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Date Festival

I remember being so excited when Feburary rolled around, because I knew that the Date Festival was right around the corner. Well Im all grown up now and to me, I'd rather just stay home and clean my house. Grandma took Steve-o this year, and Nick opted to go to his friends house. Steve-o got to shake hands with a monkey for a dollar, climb the rock wall, ride the ferris wheel and I suspect eat lots of candy because he is hyper as can be. But he did manage to win me a panda. I named it Amanda the Panda and he changed it to Troy. Oh well, Troy it is.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Long weekend

This is the first time Steveo is staying with his dad WITHOUT Nick. This is also the longest he has been without us. I was sad yesterday when he left with Sean. I packed a Valentine for him, and kissed him goodbye. They are in L.A at a beautiful hotel. They went by train, and tonight they will see Smackdown Vs Raw live. Sean bought the tickets for Steveos birthday, and really wanted to make it special. I already talked to Steveo and he's having a blast at the hotel. I miss him and wish I could be there to see the expression on his face tonight. I hope Sean takes lots of pictures, and keeps a jacket on him.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Tradition

We found the cutest yogart shop off Jefferson and Ave 50. Steveo got the Oreo flavor with numerous toppings, (gummi worms, chocolate chips, sprinkles,) Nick got the Strawberry with Cherries on top. This was the 2nd time Steve0 and I went there. This time we brought Nick, who lucky for us, even left his attitude behind. So we decided that once a week we will have yogart, just the 3 of us.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pure Joy

After some relaxing yoga, we read more of his Buddha at Bedtime. I am at peace. Nick is watching "House" Steve-o is in bed with his fish nightlight on, and Im just about ready to check my email, and Perezhilton and go Ny-Ny.

He will do anything for a laugh.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tonight I told Steveo the story of his arrival.

I knew a midwife. I worked with her, and she made homebirths sound really cool. She even did the water births. Since I love baths, it sounded perfect. I imagined candles, music, family, friends, and a peaceful delivery. I was told the warm water was like "a natural epidural" So on the night of December 17th 2001, my contractions began. Big, powerful, violent, waves of pain moved throughout my whole body. Suddenly, I remembered my first birth with Nick, and how quickly the epidural (the real kind) alieviated the pain. I felt nothing. Well now it was happening again, at my tiny apartment in Palm Desert in the middle of December. I got into the warm water and was shocked. The warm water, the "natural epidural" did nothing for me. When I realized what was happening, and how it was all a lie, one long nine month let down, I panicked. The pain was so unbearable I almost passed out. I remember bits and pieces of that night. I remember after realizing the situation I had gotten myself into and that yes, my mother and everyone else was right, I knew that this was 100% the biggest mistake I had ever made. I remember yelling at Sean to drive faster, I remember wearing only an oversized Tshirt and boxer shorts and no shoes and was soaking wet. I remember the look the nurses gave me when I was wheeled soaking wet into the Labor and Delivery unit at Desert Hospital when I attempted to explain to them that I tried to have the baby in the bath tub. And I remember the relief I felt when the anestiologist walked into the room to insert the epidural. I remember seeing Sean with tears in his eyes grab Steveo before I had a chance to even see him. I remember holding him after he had his bath and smelling his forehead and never wanting to let go. I remember thinking there is such thing as love at first sight.
After telling this story to Steveo, his response was dont you think its ridiculous to try to have a baby in a bathtub? Before I could reply, he said it was "down right inappropriate"