Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tonight I told Steveo the story of his arrival.

I knew a midwife. I worked with her, and she made homebirths sound really cool. She even did the water births. Since I love baths, it sounded perfect. I imagined candles, music, family, friends, and a peaceful delivery. I was told the warm water was like "a natural epidural" So on the night of December 17th 2001, my contractions began. Big, powerful, violent, waves of pain moved throughout my whole body. Suddenly, I remembered my first birth with Nick, and how quickly the epidural (the real kind) alieviated the pain. I felt nothing. Well now it was happening again, at my tiny apartment in Palm Desert in the middle of December. I got into the warm water and was shocked. The warm water, the "natural epidural" did nothing for me. When I realized what was happening, and how it was all a lie, one long nine month let down, I panicked. The pain was so unbearable I almost passed out. I remember bits and pieces of that night. I remember after realizing the situation I had gotten myself into and that yes, my mother and everyone else was right, I knew that this was 100% the biggest mistake I had ever made. I remember yelling at Sean to drive faster, I remember wearing only an oversized Tshirt and boxer shorts and no shoes and was soaking wet. I remember the look the nurses gave me when I was wheeled soaking wet into the Labor and Delivery unit at Desert Hospital when I attempted to explain to them that I tried to have the baby in the bath tub. And I remember the relief I felt when the anestiologist walked into the room to insert the epidural. I remember seeing Sean with tears in his eyes grab Steveo before I had a chance to even see him. I remember holding him after he had his bath and smelling his forehead and never wanting to let go. I remember thinking there is such thing as love at first sight.
After telling this story to Steveo, his response was dont you think its ridiculous to try to have a baby in a bathtub? Before I could reply, he said it was "down right inappropriate"


  1. This is going to be my favorite blog to keep up with.

    SteveO, may your life be full of millions of inappropriate moments, that is what keeps life fun.

  2. Awww thanks. I really had his best interest at heart.

  3. i had my daughter with a midwife in a tub! it was awesome.

  4. Oh, I tried and really wanted to do it, but when it came down to the pain, all I could think of was epidural.