Sunday, September 20, 2009

Huntington Gardens with the boys, well minus Nick

So Nick once again is in teenage mode (he's to cool to hang out with us) and we went to Huntington Gardens without him. It was so beautiful. It is a perfect place to just lay on the grass and read a book. Note to self, next time go alone. Anyway, I would love to go back. Steveo wants Tom and I to get married there. I just like that there is so much to look at and no matter which area you are at its just amazing scenery.


  1. Ryan went throught that and to this day I kinda regret not forcing him to go places with us. Sometimes I feel like he missed out on some really fun things.

  2. I know, next weekend we are going to a Marine reunion at Camp Pendleton and taking just Nick. I really miss hanging out with him.