Monday, January 18, 2010

Nana Carol and Papa Jim

Every time the boys go to Sean's in Riverside, they get to spend time with Nana Carol and Papa Jim. They live near Joshua Tree. They usually bring the boys home to us, but this time we met them up there instead. Nana Carol works at an animal rescue and let us hang out at the ranch and play with the horses. Some of them were abused, and all except one were friendly and let us pet them. They had one goat, 4 dogs, and a donkey. The donkey had the best personality of all of them. Steveo is a true animal lover. He was gentle with them, and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, his allergies acted up. Other than that is was so much. I cant wait to do it again. This time we will bring Nick along. (he was staying the night with friends)


  1. I want to go next time! Carson loves horses and one time Grandpa sent us a newspaper clipping about an animal rescue up there...wonder if it was that one.

  2. Maybe, its called B.K Ranch, and its run by a husband and wife and there son. They dont get to many volunteers, but its just so peaceful and beautiful up there. All the horses come right up to you and let you pet them. The donkey especially, he's a total attention whore.

  3. am I, so I bed me and the ol' donkey would make a great pair.