Monday, September 13, 2010

We can all exhale finally

The first day of school is always chaotic, and full of anxiety. The difference this time is, when I walk or drive to close to Nick and his high school, he gets embarrassed. So he is independent until he needs a PB&J or new shoes or new clothes. It really doesn't matter, I am just happy to have a conversation with him, even if its a 2 minute one. So today we finally went to Loma Linda to see the orthopedic specialist for his back. The curve is 28% and he needs a brace. This is much better than surgery and very necessary since he still has a whole lot of growing to do. Nick agrees with the Ortho Doc and knew 10 mts ago that this would probably be the outcome. Next step is waiting for the insurance to authorize his brace fitting, hopefully this will take less than 10 mts. He is also happy that he can still be in ROTC and will not have any limitations in that regard. He loves school, and seems to be adjusting well.
No problem getting him to do homework, yay.

Playing with my camera as we wait for Steveo.
Steveo started a new school and gets to ride the bus with all his neighborhood friends. Its the same school Nick went to in 5th grade. He loves it, loves his teacher, (now) hates riding the bus, has lots of friends and comes home with a smile on his face most of the time. Between my mom and I, we try to make sure he doesn't have to ride the filthy, hot, always late bus. I went to his back to school night and met and loved his teacher. I hope to volunteer and keep an eye on him. So now we are at the beginning of week 3 and completely adjusted.

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  1. I love that things are going well for the boys! Maybe I should send Brit to LQ next year to keep an eye on Nick??