Monday, August 3, 2009

1st time ever

First time me and my parents along with the kids all got together and went somewhere.
First time ever on the Midway ship in San Diego.
First time since Sam died that my father bonded or actually enjoyed the company of my boyfriend.
First time in San Diego with sunny skies, and no sunburns.
Sunday was cool until Steveo got overtired and had a few meltdowns, other than that, it was nice to be with family, and it was nice to see my parents happy.


  1. I'd take a few Steveo's meltdowns anyday...that boy is just too adorable.

    Love the pictures, glad you guys had fun.

  2. Steph your family is beautiful.

    You will be happy again one day. You can be a life lifter and I bet that you are.

    Thank you for being so kind.

    Love Renee xoxo