Thursday, December 24, 2009

Baking and Gingerbread houses

"domestic goddess"

Some may be surprised that with all the talent I possess, I cannot cook or bake. Luckily for my boys, there soon to be step-father is a wonderful cook and loves to bake. Steveo has taken an interest in this. He is always asking me to whip up some tofu and rice like Tom does, or make a chicken-rice-cheese quesidilla the way Tom does. So when this happens and Tom is not here, we make do with Del Taco or microwaved Chicken Nuggets. Now baking is, WAY OUT OF MY LEAGUE. There was nothing I could offer Steveo to satisfy his baking interest. So yesterday, after making the club house, Steveo and Tom baked there little hearts out. They baked the yummiest cookies, I helped him make a gingerbread house that we gave to grandma as a gift. And Steveo (and I think Tom) learned lessons in patience. Steveo wanted the cookies NOW, and Tom had to patiently explain (over and over) that baking takes time. So while the boys were baking, I took some photos. Precious.

Other than cooking, I AM a domestic goddess, just had to throw that out there!!!


  1. I'm not big on cooking, either. But I can follow recipes, so I stick to them.

    When I cook, that is. Which is rarely.

    Thanks for coming by my place.

  2. I really suck at baking. Unless it comes from a Betty Crocker box. From scratch?? Fagettaboutit!

    Nice blog!

    Love all of the pictures. :) Awesome memories

  3. Goddess...yes

    Domestic?...ehhh maybe not, but you sure can keep that house clean.