Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dear Kiddos

Well, I tried, and for the most part think I did pretty okay to get us out and try something new. I just had no idea the cabin in Idyllwild would be the size of a closet. Up until the time we called it a night, I think we had loads of fun. Steve-o you love hiking, you just need to slow down and let us always have you within our sight. Who knows, there could be a rattlesnake or a pedofile hiding behind those bushes. You'll understand when your a parent. And Nick thanks for keeping a close eye on your little bro. Just remember, right now he may still be smaller than you and you can get away with pushing him around, but I have a feeling, he is going to catch up to you sooner than later... All in all, thanks for making my time in Idyllwild extra special.

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