Friday, May 15, 2009

Oh my god he's a teenager

Well, as of May 9th that is. So the boy wanted to go paintballing again. We did it last year for his 12th birthday and he loved it. This year he brought Zach. I love Zach, so polite and it seems like he's always smiling. For now, I still have some control over who Nick hangs out with, and I approve of Zach. So Tom and I waited at the tables, for 5 hours playing chess, reading, and shopping at Walgreens (its Lake Elsinore what else is there to do) Next year I told Nick I would actually play, but to be honest, being pelted by paintballs and running around in the dirt isnt my cup of tea. At least I have a whole year to prepare for it.


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  2. Next year...if you get pelted...I hope the paintballs are looks good on you.