Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why Redlands is so cool.

Because they have trees that have "one love" spray painted on them, the weather is always breezy, Sylvan Park is so enormous with ancient vine covered trees scattered throughout, and they have a "Bakers" on every corner. Today Steveo and I paid a visit to Circlebrook and took Josiah his birthday gift, and of course had to visit our old stomping grounds, only Steveo has very few memories of our old Victorian home across from Sylvan Park. We still had fun, I told him all about the park and how we used to go there almost daily when we lived across from it. Who knows, maybe one day we can live there again.


  1. i so love the second last picture :)

    so the mommy job keeps you on your toes eh :)

    i see you following my blog when he kisses her but i see you so quiet!
    i like people who talk!
    no comments on what you read? hmm :)

  2. Oh, thank you, I LOVE your blog!!!!! I will comment more ofter:)